johnny law

i almost got arrested last night. i thought about this:

1. i can't go to jail!
2. there are way too many germs in jail!
3. why are my friends making jokes! i am about to go to jail!
4. i can't go to jail!

ALSO... i'm fixing my computer this week because i took alot of shit-awesome pictures this weekend.

ALSO ALSO... there is this motormouth guy in my circle of friends who i hate. he relishes in this, which makes me hate him more.



i haven't washed my hair all summer.

this may or maynot be why i don't have a boyfriend.


i'm back bitches

my love affair with the internet was too strong to let die with my computer.



there is a note on my computer that says:

"dear everyone - please do not use me, as i am sick. thank you, computer."

on top of that note is another note that says:

"dear computer - i'm sorry that you aren't feeling well. i hope you get better soon. love, house."

ALSO.. if you run into the theif that stole my car, please spit in their eye for me.