going crazy.

being the only single adult in my family = assumed entertainment for seven year olds ALL day. plus cooking.


i'm serious about cool prizes

tj: you are the winner of this fine, fancy, and convenient device. its going into the mail on friday!



This is the shoe that i want in this exact color combination. The first person to find where i can order it (in the united states) wins a REALLY COOL prize.


try to hold hands with everyone all the time

apparently i'm really into holding hands.

ALSO... i think it will be much easier to start power ninety when i have 1) a car and 2) a home... but hopefully i'll start tomorrow. i'm already a day behind!


just like perfect timing in a movie.

i went to lunch with mike today. on the way to lunch we were stopped on third south and main street.

Right when mike said, "but seriously, what is wrong with people in this town?" a truck passed through the intersection in front of us pulling two GIANT bronze elk sculptures.



fair trade

I have way too mant dead end crushes right now! I think I would trade them all for one regular crush.



this is my favorite thing that just happened:

it didn't stop there:

sexy party recap

i spent most of halloween asking people for dollars, and sleeping on the ground. I ate a cookie off the ground.

My favorite costume was a tie betwen Elaine's sexy tortoise costume, and Justin Allred's ALL SPANDEX sexy captain america costume. you be the judge:

ALSO... the custest/saddest thing ever happened when i went to my parents house and discovered a basket of king size candy bars and my dog in a clown costume. (and NOT ONE trick or treater.) next year if you know some kids please tell them to go to my parents house. they will hook you up!



I hope my "sexy homeless" costume goes over well. I'm serious.


suprise trip


one day of tj was just what i needed.


how do you spell awesome?

i stole this from steven's fridge.

ALSO... two posts in one day! wtf?!


today i'm starting to pack up my stuff. my homeless stress is being put off for one more month, as my parents ski house will not be rented until december.. and i'll stay there for a month.

the downside: it is soo far away! its a good thing i haven't sold my car yet.

it's kind of sad to be leaving this house. ill miss this room.

my favorite part of my room is the pink striped wall, which i don't have any pictures of. sorry.


dreadlock drama.

it turns out that if you ask the internet a question, everyone has answers! this is the best news ever!

so here is my dire situation:

this is what my hair used to look like. (pre-september). It is really long and really thick.

Then one hot autumn day i went swimming in the sea. This Sea to be exact:

Post-ocean swim my hair didn't receive the proper treatment.. and POOF! my head of hair is now nested on the top of my head in ONE GIANT NEST. like a big hair-hat.

If you happen to be one of the average seven to eighteen people who reads this.. and you know of a great way of combing out dreadlocks.. please help.


party recap

I went to a soup party tonight. (I know.. right)


I had a church talk with my kind-of-divorced brother.

I made up a secret nickname for this guy I think is a Dumb Shit.
Its really funny when I use it because he has no idea!!

I said out loud "i should inspect your crotch more often"
in a non-sexual context to jeff.

I roasted cameron (who knows everything, duh) in an arguement that ended with "Oh! you are right.. You DO know more about ipods than me."


Q: How long is TOO long??

A: Six months.

"is it just me, or is there a giant comb STUCK in your hair?"

ALSO.. i love talking about things that irritate me lately.


special instructions

so i was driving down the street today and there was a no right turn sign where i wanted to turn, then i said outloud before i could even think it..

"i will be disregarding that sign," as i rounded the corner.

which made me remember the sign i saw the other night and had to share with the rest of the internet:


i think this blog is going to make an awesome comeback in october!!

here is why:
i have nothing funny to say lately!

also.. lack of a camera=boring posts.
also... my start up disk is full so working on my computer kind of suck
ALSO.. I DON"T HAVE THE INTERNET! what is this... the nineties?? seriously.

i don't think i'm going to wash my hair with the end of the summer.


Sarah Sundahl = Awesome 2.0

My friend sarah is in my top 10 favorite people. We have a record of living across the street from each other and never hanging out.

So you can imagine my suprise when this package came in the mail for me yesterday:

yep. a United States Postal Service padded envelope full of clip on earrings. me and my non-peirced ears couldn't be happier. If you feel like taking a closer look at all 27 amazing clip-on devices:

this is my favorite pair:

thanks dude.

i'm back bitches.

first order of business: OCTOPUS CONTEST. woah.

number eleven!! you are the WINNER!! your custom prize package includes:

_a Daft Punk Poster that i stole off the streets of Germany. a really cool graffiti marker. your iPod back. (its fixed now) and the grand prize: a visit from me!

second order of business:

i'm going to be homeless at the end of october...



i'm not kidding about voting on your favorite octopus.















so a long time ago (on danny hurley's birthday) christopher and i were looking for something to kill time and decided to have an octopus drawing contest with each other.
then i decided to hold a nationwide contest.

SO! everybody vote on your favorite octopus and the winner (as promised) will recieve a REALLY COOL PRIZE!


if you want to hear about my trip

so i went on a trip.

this is a picture of everything i brought with me, not counting the clothes i was wearing.

(also, that is not my computer.)

that seemed like a really good idea until we decided to go for a walk. and it started to rain. it rained so much that i could have jumped into a lake for the same effect. here is a before shot:

this is the only picture that chris let me take with him in it.

i would post an after shot but it turned out really ugly.
this is the part of the trip where packing extra (dry) clothes would have come in handy.

then i went to berlin:

i went to a flea market in berlin and bought some dry clothes.
other berlin activites included making friends with LEGO GIRAFFE

and making enemies with REAL LIFE DUCK

its not like I was trying to make enemies, but it definately tried to attack me.

the rest of the pictures i took in germany were either of scooters or graffiti.



(turns out hoon made it there before i did)

scooter with graffiti

you get the idea.

then i went to London.

chris's cousin hooked us up with a tour of parliment, which was really cool.
i wasn't allowed to take any pictures so you will just have to take my word for it.

while in london i fell in love.

i thought of sending this picture to my mom as an engagement picture, but that joke didn't go over to well the last time.

after london i went back to paris

our hostel lost our booking so we ended up being lost and homeless. we finally found a hostel right next to this place:

so i guess it turned out all right.

we were there for free art day.
one thing thing they don't tell you in the movie is that the davinci code happens at the mall.

we went to Versailles. i would have taken more pictures but i was really grumpy that day.

oh! also i saw this french guy in the metro that looked exactly like my old roommate justin allred! i tried to be sneaky and take a picture of him but it turned out a little blurry. i would have tried to take another but the flash on my camera blew my cover.

but still! they could be twins!

the end.