give up and wear sweatpants!

I have the worst allergies ever.

and i'll admit that my feelings were totally hurt that i got invited to go on a planned camping trip WAY to late to do anything about it. at least that person invited me. the rest of those bitches are on my shitlist.


something new!

i made a new mix today. you can get a sneak peak here!. and the first person to email me their address will get a copy in the post.


stuff like this happens to me all the time

sometimes... you have a talk with your roommate about the "game."

then (at an hour you should be socializing) you notice that you are having really ugly hair and go to the grocery store across the street in a sweat shirt. (and ugly hair)
while purchasing hair dye you notice that cheez-its are on sale. hell yeah. then you realize you are hungry and you want a frozen burrito too. but why buy one when a frozen pack of 10 is like a dollar more?

then while you are trying to talk to the self-checkout machine a "hot dude" you kind of know says hi..

and all you can think to say is "do you have a fresh values card?" (shit!)
he says "what are you getting?" (shit!... just as you are scanning the bean and cheese burritos; cheez-its in sight)
and run away.

no game.