recently at a work meeting the term "happy marshall" was used over and over and over.

i couldn't help but think this sounded like a dirty move, and i laughed a little bit to myself each time it was mentioned. when "we would DEFINITELY have to GIVE HIM a HAPPY MARSHALL" was said i laughed alot really loud.



people off my shit list:

- lee t.d. (on probation)
- jeff t. and damian d. (because they don't belong on anyone's shit list)

everyone else: still applies.

ALSO.. on a lighter note happy birthday lisa.



pretty much everyone i know is on my shit list right now for not inviting me to a holiday that i invented.

and various other reasons.


oh frack

i hate halloween. because it grosses me out.

ALSO... dressing up as a character from your favorite science fiction television show is only a good idea until you run into the boy-you-weren't-pretty-enough-to-date and he says "oh, i get it, you have completely given up on your image."