having a camera on your phone is really convenient when jim weed makes new years resolutions.

ALSO.. it is nice to have when you find a shit awesome sewing machine at the DI and feel like bragging on the spot.


the scientific method

i just did a science experiment to find out if you could hardboil eggs in the microwave.

i learned the hard way that you can NOT.

i did this experiment at work. so i don't have to stress too much about cleaning up the microwave.

ALSO... does anyone want to get away this weekend? i have two days off in a row. and i am so down for driving to disneyland.



all of the Indies are jealous of my new iphone.


best new years ever

but seriously. will someone internet whiz make a place where everyone can upload all of their pictures so we can look at them all in one place??

ALSO... when i got home from the newyearseve party there were two people making out in my closet. my making out i mean i opened the door and they were standing apart looking like deer in headlights.