best new years ever

but seriously. will someone internet whiz make a place where everyone can upload all of their pictures so we can look at them all in one place??

ALSO... when i got home from the newyearseve party there were two people making out in my closet. my making out i mean i opened the door and they were standing apart looking like deer in headlights.


Manfoom said...

there weren't enough closets or slowdances at the party, that is the only concern.

bex said...

there was actual making out at the make-out party you guys threw? apparently i didn't stay long enough.

i have some photos from the night, at my photo site, and i will stick anyone else's photos there if they want to send them to me.

English said...


I am that internet wiz.

dallapozza said...

manfoom, complain about your own wedding reception!

emily said...

wow kristin, they must be so pissed that you wrote about it on your blog!! whoever they are!!