i just discovered style blogs today.

best day EVER!

ALSO.. there is this guy at my work that looks like a muppet. the owl muppet that tells everyone the news. this is really entertaining to my imagination.


about stuff

my computer (aka.. my boyfriend) is FIXED. it just has some serious amnesia.
now i just need to make friends with mr. internet again and i will be back in business.

ALSO... i was talking to my friend the other day and she said," i hope you die before me. your estate sale will be kick ass." hmmm.



please wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle... OR ELSE!!!!

(i found this on the internet today and laughed out loud)


snow cones

this guy that i work with claims that his uncle invented tigers blood.
i think he is full of shit!!!


bored 2.0

i wish that

a)my computer worked
b)i had 800 dollars
c)i didn't leave my ipod at chis's house

if you can help with any of these things.. let me know.
especially B. i really want to buy a cinema display for my broken computer.



i still think the best part of teenage summer will be when we throw a phone at scott whittaker.