going crazy.

being the only single adult in my family = assumed entertainment for seven year olds ALL day. plus cooking.


i'm serious about cool prizes

tj: you are the winner of this fine, fancy, and convenient device. its going into the mail on friday!



This is the shoe that i want in this exact color combination. The first person to find where i can order it (in the united states) wins a REALLY COOL prize.


try to hold hands with everyone all the time

apparently i'm really into holding hands.

ALSO... i think it will be much easier to start power ninety when i have 1) a car and 2) a home... but hopefully i'll start tomorrow. i'm already a day behind!


just like perfect timing in a movie.

i went to lunch with mike today. on the way to lunch we were stopped on third south and main street.

Right when mike said, "but seriously, what is wrong with people in this town?" a truck passed through the intersection in front of us pulling two GIANT bronze elk sculptures.



fair trade

I have way too mant dead end crushes right now! I think I would trade them all for one regular crush.



this is my favorite thing that just happened:

it didn't stop there:

sexy party recap

i spent most of halloween asking people for dollars, and sleeping on the ground. I ate a cookie off the ground.

My favorite costume was a tie betwen Elaine's sexy tortoise costume, and Justin Allred's ALL SPANDEX sexy captain america costume. you be the judge:

ALSO... the custest/saddest thing ever happened when i went to my parents house and discovered a basket of king size candy bars and my dog in a clown costume. (and NOT ONE trick or treater.) next year if you know some kids please tell them to go to my parents house. they will hook you up!