backpack summer

i know last summer was named backpack summer and this summer is named teenage summer and all, but i'm bringing it back. maybe next summer will be a more successful teenage summer, as i anticipate this summer to be a more successful backpack summer. and yes, that is a real live snake.


ta da!

dear mike,

thank you for the shirt and thank you for the sewing machine.

love, kristin.



mostly i thought the last post was a) well deserved and b) a funny joke. so please take it as lightly as i did.


payback is a bitch

my friend alluded to me that he thought i was not smart.
well guess what fucker, you look handicapped in this picture!! ha!



the best part of film is when it finally gets developed it is like a nice surprise. the worst part is when you pay for a cd of your pictures, only to discover that your scanner is better than the one at the camera store. roast.

(maybe i will scan in later, but for now deal with these low contrast poor products of the camera store.)



julia sent me an email asking me what i was doing tomorrow.

i sent her an honest response:

now i'm just guessing here, but most likely this will happen:

wake up around eleven (because: pathetic)
lounge around my apartment in my pjs and internet for about 45 minutes to an hour,
remove parking ticket from car that i got because i parked on the street and slept in too late to move my car in time,
go to my parents house to see if my paycheck has arrived in the mail, also see if my speeding ticket has arrived in the mail and snatch it before my mom sees it and switches me to a more expensive and inconvenient car insurance,
go to jcrew and buy a new outfit in celebration of myself,
got to the bank with my paycheck that hopefully arrives in the mail,
pick up 4 rolls of film from inkleys that have been waiting for me to be able to pay for them, um,
watch cable tv for about 2 hours,
maybe go to the post office, maybe,
waste time until 345,
take my friend to the airport,
wast time for another 45 minutes,
go to my (now more important) job. (woot)

i am shamelessly looking forward to my day tomorrow. if i devieate from this schedule at all i bet it will be the whole going to the post office thing.


ah ha!

i diagnosed my life today when i realized that i am annoyed by everyone. i don't see myself changing that so the future is looking gray.


no address has been listed

enon - the nightmare of atomic men

i forgot how much i loved this song until the other day. its one of my favorites. thank you jesse for giving me this cd because you didn't like it. thanks to everyone else who gave me their enon cds because they didn't like them either. you were fools for not giving them a second chance.

you see, its like that one time i went on a date with my internet boyfriend and mike said, "get ready for weird..." but it was nice that someone wanted to go on a date with me. actually its nothing like that at all, now that i think about it because enon isn't doing that whole pretend like you are retarded thing.

ALSO.. i decided one of my favorite things in the world is mailing surprises in the mail, so if you give me your address you will not regret it.



i'm sick of everyone acting like i'm going to hell for wanting to go out to dinner every sunday. i can't see my damnation for wanting to enjoy a nice meal once a week.

ALSO.. today my friend told me that he thought he was the perfect human. he must have himself confused with jesus.


roast dot com

i met my mom for lunch today at a restaurant that my family has been frequenting at least twice a month for my entire life. i have ordered the EXACT SAME thing my entire life. i was running late, so when i arrived, my mom said she had ordered something for me. it was some random gross shit that wasn't even close to my usual order. awesome. even our waitress knew what my usual order is.


mrs. blubby

today at a job interview i did a dance move i like to call the "mrs. blubby." i think it was a huge success.

ALSO.. i saw hot matt yesterday and it made me realize that i don't miss any of my old friends except tommy and justin.



(but the postcard i sent tj was better)

ALSO.. if your name is dallin j. your cd is going out in tomorrows mail. here is a taste of what you have in store.


mom dot com

i got off work the other night to find i had 8 missed calls. "wtf?" i thought. apparently these conversations happened while i was at work:

my stepdad to my mom: "you need to come home right away! kristin's married!"

6 hours later:
my mom to my brother (frantically): "have you talked to your sister lately??!! is she married??!! what's going on here???!!"
my brother: "????"
my mom: "she sent us a postcard.. i can't get ahold of her...aparently she has run off with some.. with some RAILROAD MAN!!"

the best part is i saw my mom the monday i returned from my trip. this happened on friday.



in case you all were wondering: nothing happened with my internet crush.

ALSO.. i have a crush on this song.


lessons learned:

i just got back from vacation where i learned many valuable life lessons, like, freedom is NOT free.

ALSO.. don't swim in the sea when the tide is going out and you are wearing your favorite NOT WATERPROOF stormtrooper watch. roast.


do you know what i hate?

but serisouly. they were bad the first time around, and i don't believe in fashion second chances. ALSO.. they always go up your butt (never flattering), not to mention cameltoe. so please everyone, stop wearing them.

ALSO.. if you are my internet crush that is coming to town this weekend please bless that you have a crush on me.



welcome to my blog bitches.