julia sent me an email asking me what i was doing tomorrow.

i sent her an honest response:

now i'm just guessing here, but most likely this will happen:

wake up around eleven (because: pathetic)
lounge around my apartment in my pjs and internet for about 45 minutes to an hour,
remove parking ticket from car that i got because i parked on the street and slept in too late to move my car in time,
go to my parents house to see if my paycheck has arrived in the mail, also see if my speeding ticket has arrived in the mail and snatch it before my mom sees it and switches me to a more expensive and inconvenient car insurance,
go to jcrew and buy a new outfit in celebration of myself,
got to the bank with my paycheck that hopefully arrives in the mail,
pick up 4 rolls of film from inkleys that have been waiting for me to be able to pay for them, um,
watch cable tv for about 2 hours,
maybe go to the post office, maybe,
waste time until 345,
take my friend to the airport,
wast time for another 45 minutes,
go to my (now more important) job. (woot)

i am shamelessly looking forward to my day tomorrow. if i devieate from this schedule at all i bet it will be the whole going to the post office thing.

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