I hope my "sexy homeless" costume goes over well. I'm serious.


suprise trip


one day of tj was just what i needed.


how do you spell awesome?

i stole this from steven's fridge.

ALSO... two posts in one day! wtf?!


today i'm starting to pack up my stuff. my homeless stress is being put off for one more month, as my parents ski house will not be rented until december.. and i'll stay there for a month.

the downside: it is soo far away! its a good thing i haven't sold my car yet.

it's kind of sad to be leaving this house. ill miss this room.

my favorite part of my room is the pink striped wall, which i don't have any pictures of. sorry.


dreadlock drama.

it turns out that if you ask the internet a question, everyone has answers! this is the best news ever!

so here is my dire situation:

this is what my hair used to look like. (pre-september). It is really long and really thick.

Then one hot autumn day i went swimming in the sea. This Sea to be exact:

Post-ocean swim my hair didn't receive the proper treatment.. and POOF! my head of hair is now nested on the top of my head in ONE GIANT NEST. like a big hair-hat.

If you happen to be one of the average seven to eighteen people who reads this.. and you know of a great way of combing out dreadlocks.. please help.


party recap

I went to a soup party tonight. (I know.. right)


I had a church talk with my kind-of-divorced brother.

I made up a secret nickname for this guy I think is a Dumb Shit.
Its really funny when I use it because he has no idea!!

I said out loud "i should inspect your crotch more often"
in a non-sexual context to jeff.

I roasted cameron (who knows everything, duh) in an arguement that ended with "Oh! you are right.. You DO know more about ipods than me."