party recap

I went to a soup party tonight. (I know.. right)


I had a church talk with my kind-of-divorced brother.

I made up a secret nickname for this guy I think is a Dumb Shit.
Its really funny when I use it because he has no idea!!

I said out loud "i should inspect your crotch more often"
in a non-sexual context to jeff.

I roasted cameron (who knows everything, duh) in an arguement that ended with "Oh! you are right.. You DO know more about ipods than me."


Damian said...

I hope the nickname is Speed Hump and I hope that it is not me.

but yes,


Sarita said...

Hi new friend.

I liked the special lipstick.

And the speed hump.

sugarcube said...

I remember when Chris thought he knew more about iPods than you.