dreadlock drama.

it turns out that if you ask the internet a question, everyone has answers! this is the best news ever!

so here is my dire situation:

this is what my hair used to look like. (pre-september). It is really long and really thick.

Then one hot autumn day i went swimming in the sea. This Sea to be exact:

Post-ocean swim my hair didn't receive the proper treatment.. and POOF! my head of hair is now nested on the top of my head in ONE GIANT NEST. like a big hair-hat.

If you happen to be one of the average seven to eighteen people who reads this.. and you know of a great way of combing out dreadlocks.. please help.


tj Nelson said...

woah.. i like.

lisa said...

kristin, i actually do know how to get out dreadlocks. please contact me.

nathaniel said...

lisa knows so much stuff. sometimes i can't believe what a genius she is.

k tron said...

tj - i miss you.

lisa - will you be my life coach?

lisa said...

yes. here are the goals you'll work on first

1. rid yourself of dreadlocks
2. open an ebay store

marshall p said...

I know how to get rid of it... go to the aveda salon on 9th and get it all cut and stuff.

Damian said...