Q: How long is TOO long??

A: Six months.

"is it just me, or is there a giant comb STUCK in your hair?"

ALSO.. i love talking about things that irritate me lately.


special instructions

so i was driving down the street today and there was a no right turn sign where i wanted to turn, then i said outloud before i could even think it..

"i will be disregarding that sign," as i rounded the corner.

which made me remember the sign i saw the other night and had to share with the rest of the internet:


i think this blog is going to make an awesome comeback in october!!

here is why:
i have nothing funny to say lately!

also.. lack of a camera=boring posts.
also... my start up disk is full so working on my computer kind of suck
ALSO.. I DON"T HAVE THE INTERNET! what is this... the nineties?? seriously.

i don't think i'm going to wash my hair with the end of the summer.