assholes anonymous.

i realize that i am MEAN. a lot meaner than i used to be, pretty much all the time.

so.. sorry. i'll try to work on that.


the new hanging out

sometimes you drive far to hang out with your friend in real life.. but end up hanging out in DL from two rooms away instead:

and then this happens:

best face ever.


parenting 101

the highlight of my day was when a little kid with rollerskate shoes zoomed up to me and said, "excuse me, can i have some chocolate?"

(what the hell?)

((i was NOT eating, holding or located in place where there might be chocolate nearby))


bmw.. 123

the other day i saw this really ugly lady with a mitsubishi diamante tattoo. hmm.

THIS song instantly came to mind.


roast dot com

beings sick is such a roast.

especially when you spend 18 hours sitting in bed and you don't have the internet.

ALSO.. watching starwars in bed on a rainy day is still one of my all time favorite things to do


RL vs. VL

if real life were in fight with virtual life real life would win, because it has heart. if the fight happened in the future then RL would get its ass kicked.

ALSO.. i wish i had some limeade RIGHT NOW.



homemade jeans bitches!