assholes anonymous.

i realize that i am MEAN. a lot meaner than i used to be, pretty much all the time.

so.. sorry. i'll try to work on that.


aporitic said...

Most people deserve it though, don't they?

It's a lot harder to stop being mean when the people you are being mean to totally need to have people be mean to them.

Hmmm, when are these meetings? I might need to go.

lisa. said...

i disagree. you are not mean. remember that one time that you were like "lisa, that cosmetique looks so glamorous on you!", and i was like "oh, thanks kristin!"

well, that was nice.

k tron said...

lisa, i was serious about that cosmetique. it looked FANTASTIC!

but everyone else is a stupidfatbitch

marshall p said...

I like you that way.

Manfoom said...

i hate to be all bursting bubbles and whatnot, but I have had nothing but nice vibes from you since day 001.