oh frack

i hate halloween. because it grosses me out.

ALSO... dressing up as a character from your favorite science fiction television show is only a good idea until you run into the boy-you-weren't-pretty-enough-to-date and he says "oh, i get it, you have completely given up on your image."



aporitic said...

Were you mean to that guy?

Because if you weren't, you should have been.

And if you were, you should be mean to him again. Just to make sure.

bigtuna said...

I stole a magazine out of my neighbors mailbox because I didn't get anything cool in the mail and I saw this item and I thought that you should purchase this for your photographs and then show it to your bitches.

You can thank me later.

emily said...

i'm trying to think which guy you wouldn't be pretty enough to date. it would have to be a gay guy.