Sarah Sundahl = Awesome 2.0

My friend sarah is in my top 10 favorite people. We have a record of living across the street from each other and never hanging out.

So you can imagine my suprise when this package came in the mail for me yesterday:

yep. a United States Postal Service padded envelope full of clip on earrings. me and my non-peirced ears couldn't be happier. If you feel like taking a closer look at all 27 amazing clip-on devices:

this is my favorite pair:

thanks dude.

i'm back bitches.

first order of business: OCTOPUS CONTEST. woah.

number eleven!! you are the WINNER!! your custom prize package includes:

_a Daft Punk Poster that i stole off the streets of Germany. a really cool graffiti marker. your iPod back. (its fixed now) and the grand prize: a visit from me!

second order of business:

i'm going to be homeless at the end of october...