mouse on mars

"who wants to go there anyway?? i mean, unless you are into alot of red shit"

-thats is mike on mars

Mouse On Mars - I Go Ego Why Go We Go

i would want to go to mars if there are mice there making jams like this.

i wish

that i had this to put my lunch in EVERYDAY!

ALSo.... i don't have a phone!!! so everyone stop freaking out. i still have the internet and voicemail so it isn't the end of the world. hopefully i will have a new phone by saturday.



dear jace,

i'm sorry that when i saw you today i said "you look like a piece of poo." its kind of your own damn fault for wearing an all brown outfit.

love, kristin

that is what is called "my internal monologue accidentally took a wrong turn in my brain and came out my mouth"



i washed my hair. so if that was holding you back from being my boyfriend you can go ahead and ask me out now.


about marsupials

my friend and i were determining which animals we resembled the most. she was a seahorse. thanks to google and "kristin animal" this discovery happened:

so i took a self portrait and realized it was true.


garden state 2

that movie is bullshit. every character is a terrible person.

also... it wasn't that awesome of a night, seeing as i was dressed for a night-in, wearing the ugliest (but most comfortable) clothes that i own and i ran into that boy that i wasn't pretty enough to date. roast.



happy birthday brother.

i love you, even though mom said you were too busy for your family until next week.

ALSO.. congratulations to my best friend who is getting married.




sometimes the wrong thing to say to a girl is "whoa, you look really tired."

sometimes that is the wrong thing for seven people to say in one day.



today i was like:

SHIT! i need some pants and i only have one hour!

problem solved



i don't want to point any fingers or anything but my obi-wan kenobi action figure is missing.

ALSO.. i found my keys, so you can stop all the panic now.