dear jace,

i'm sorry that when i saw you today i said "you look like a piece of poo." its kind of your own damn fault for wearing an all brown outfit.

love, kristin

that is what is called "my internal monologue accidentally took a wrong turn in my brain and came out my mouth"


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your apology.

And now, a short reflective response.

Though the experience of being referred to as fecal matter was not one of my shinning moments, it did serve as a catalyst for some sincere introspection.

In lieu (not Louie) of the aforementioned incident, I had decided that I should, perhaps, shift my personal style from one of - how can I say it without further deepening the scars - the smelly kid, to one a bit more, hmmm, indie I guess. I mean, maybe it was a sign. I thought I was indie when I took initiative and sewed that button back on my shorts. But then that was blown, first with the buttoneer comment and then after seeing your tricked-out WalMart hoodie.
I also thought that wearing my favorite Chaco sandals to work everyday was my way of saying, "Screw you restrictive footware/toe-prision". But then I realized that the sandals just meant I was lazy.
After this second realization - the one about the Chacos, please, keep up - I was feeling rather sorry for myself. Not only did I look smelly, but it was because I was lazy.

But then a funny thing happened. You didn't wash your hair. I DIDN'T WASH MY HAIR EITHER!!!!!

Maybe there is a chance for a lazy, poop colored person.


aporitic said...

Maybe there is a chance for a lazy, poop colored person.

Yeah, maybe. But are you sure you want to take that chance?

k tron said...

i don't think anyone should take that chance.