I want a moose head SOO bad for my new house.

THIS little guy I spotted in the window display. It would be perfect in my navy blue bedroom.

I think this one is beautiful. Its made by Roost, who make the prettiest home stuff ever. If I had a richy rich boyfriend you could tell him to buy this for me as a housewarming present. (but I don't)

ALSO.. I wouldn't mind one of these to name moose...


the best!!

one piece long underwear are my favorite thing right now.
toasty bike rides and INSTANT PJ'S!

I bought these in both colors and can't stop wearing them.



Do I want to buy this poster from the internet?

Part of me says YES! and the other part of me says YOU HAVE TOO MANY POSTERS!

it will look so good in my soon to be aqua office.


i'm in love

not with a human.


My friend Peanut emailed me this picture today to make sure my new house has room for this:

and my semi broken heart started beating much much faster.

Record Room!!!!


a couple things..

1. I'm going as sexy homeless again for halloween. literally.

2. mix of the month didn't happen last month. SORRY. see above.

2.5 claire and davy (and anyone else that wants in) on the club... email me your address. kristin swensen at gangster mail dot com. no space. no angster after gangster.

3. when I finally finish buying a house I'm buying this couch for myself.. and treat anyone that needs to sleep on it with only the finest linens:


HOLY SHIT!! I JUST BOUGHT THIS ON THE INTERNET!!!! (I'm pretty excited about it) I can probably stop collecting records now.

probably not.


best face forward

not sure.


in the mail today!

I actually did it! If you want to subscribe to my mix of the month club, let me know!


better than the real one

ducky knows all the words.


mix of the month

I'm really going to do this this time!!! Not just promise and fail like the "favorite songs of 2008" that I never mailed out to 97 percent of people that wanted one. If you want to subscribe let me know.

ALSO.. Please remind me about it if you do not see one in the mail by the end of July.. I'm a shaker not a mover.


shopping saturday

nothing is better than getting surprises in the mail. even if they are from the internet.

coming this week:

this dress...

and this print.

ALSO.. you can mail me things if you like.


Baller Boyfriend (part 2)

You can buy my love

I had a dream about this luggage.

really I did. I didn't know I wanted it before then. It has a shoulder strap, so that I can ride my bike with it.


baller boyfriend

does anyone else love these commercials as much as I do??


Sunday Afternoon

Sometimes the normal way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon with your roommates is to dress up in matching outfits and take roommate portraits.

When Jeff and Stacy get married, they can use this as their engagement picture:



1. If you don't read my iPhone blog you should... it is WAAAYY funnier.

2. If you don't read Marshas blog you should... she posted one of my favorite drawings this week! go see it!


new approach

I have been sick since monday, but after doing a LOT of sleeping, i'm feeling much better. so....


new favorite thing

I never knew watching TV was so rediculus!!!

maybe if I don't watch tv until the finale of the next bachelor it will be just as good. I hope so.


text fail

sometimes I suck at text messaging.

really suck.

i even suck at sexy jokes!

good? really?


office space

lately i have been obsessed with reorganizing my wokrspace. look how organized my records and fabrics are!

somehow in the process my computer desk got a little out of control...




i got a shit load of text messages on friday night. what can I say.. I guess i'm just that cool.


best home made e card.


I don't want to go to that party.