so my friend rebecca told me today that cosmo rated MY WORK as the number one place to meet hot, successful men.

still single.


i want a sandwich.

this creepy guy at work just told me to "buck up"

i'm mostly just pissed that lee won't bring me food.
i'll be here till eleven if anyone else has an extra sandwich.



um, i just found out nate slaughter works at the mac counter. how the hell did that happen??!


handwritten postcards

dear future crush,
i'm really looking forward to meeting you.
waiting patiently,
ps. anytime.. really.

dear holiday consumers,
fuck you too. you are no more entitled than the next guy. and i'm smarter than you are.
with distaste, retail employees worldwide.

dear people i know,
not as many of you are on my shit list as it would appear.
with love, ktron.