tech support

the best part about not having a phone is using my rotary phone in the hallway. I haven't moved from this seat in the hallway for two hours. I have taken a record of 3 phone calls.

the last phone call has lasted for an hour (so far) and in which i have been trying to explain to my mother how to import music from a CD into iTunes.


just imagine

close your eyes and imagine the coolest coin purse you have ever seen. it is neon yellow and says its contents in large brick letters on the front and back: DOPE.

now imagine that filled with not dope, but pirate treasure. Seventy five dollars worth of James Monroe 1$ gold coins.

now put that in my purse in real life and you will have the highlight of my year.

(i would take a picture of it but my camera doesn't work). Paying for things has NEVER been so much fun.


post it

i'm compiling my favorite songs of 2008. all my favorites from this year. not all. just the top 25.

i will mail a copy to every person that wants one. Every single person.


empty promises, broken hearts

I'm never promising to bring this blog back to life again.

my camera is mysteriously broken.
of course.


best and worst

the best thing ever is a trip that includes lots of nature and lots of your favorite people.

the worst thing is probably when something falls out of your pocket:

you can't tell with this size, but under micro inspection you can see my iPhone in the snow.
When we went back to get it it was under a massive mountain of plowed snow... total bullshit.

if you find yourself here and find my phone, that would be awesome. I'll just be here without a phone until then.