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i'm compiling my favorite songs of 2008. all my favorites from this year. not all. just the top 25.

i will mail a copy to every person that wants one. Every single person.


Lee said...

I want a copy, please.

katie said...

i would too, please, if you don't mind shipping. katie armstrong 2712 Calhoun St. New Orleans 70118. (and now you know that I totally blog stalk you.)

marshall p said...


Hoon said...

i'd love a copy, you who i never get to see anymore.

nathaniel said...

i also

Jace Hirschi said...

me. w00t!

k tron said...

katie, i'm so glad you followed instructions and included your address so i could mail it to you.

everyone else, (besides marsha b/c I know your address) give me your addresses so i can give you cds in the mail.


JG said...

me me me

1146 E. Castlecreek Cir. SLC, UT 84117


Jace Hirschi said...


i humbly apologize for not following the instructions. i just figured your zune would tell you.

nathaniel said...

1320 ne 62nd st
seatlle, wa 98115

suzanne said...

can you hand deliver yours to

169 north state st 82-2
roosevelt ut 84066

tj said...


1915 Atkin Ave.

lisa said...

Maybe you want to send one to me AND Lee (we can share), at the following address:

506 4th Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT

bex said...


422 duboce ave
sf ca 94117

dw said...

i'll take one.

aaron dw
1430 s. 1300 e.
slc, ut 84105

thechoulespauls said...

i know i'm a little late but i'm still waiting for 2007's...

1249 gilmer dr./84105