today i'm starting to pack up my stuff. my homeless stress is being put off for one more month, as my parents ski house will not be rented until december.. and i'll stay there for a month.

the downside: it is soo far away! its a good thing i haven't sold my car yet.

it's kind of sad to be leaving this house. ill miss this room.

my favorite part of my room is the pink striped wall, which i don't have any pictures of. sorry.


lisa said...

this makes me sad. i remembe watching you paint the pink stripes.

marshall p said...

man. this is a bummer post. I heart your pink room and you.

sugarcube said...

That house was really good to me. I kind of ruined it, but during it's heyday, I loved it.

Welcome to semi-homelessness. Population: us.

Viva La Jefe said...

so long freaks and geeks house...I wasn't talking about it's former occupants.