so a long time ago (on danny hurley's birthday) christopher and i were looking for something to kill time and decided to have an octopus drawing contest with each other.
then i decided to hold a nationwide contest.

SO! everybody vote on your favorite octopus and the winner (as promised) will recieve a REALLY COOL PRIZE!


Damian said...


bex said...

damian. i am pretty sure you can't vote for your own!

i vote 12. unless i can vote for my own, in which case i am going to have to change my vote.

also, this is such a great contest.

Anonymous said...


Carmen said...

Bex, you have amazing taste in octopi.

Damian said...

I didn't vote for mine own. Mine were no good doodles.

tj said...


marshall p said...

#1. I heart the one that says "hold me".

love marshall.

p.s. I joined twitter and I want to be your friend on it, but I don't know how... please help me! I am but a relic from ancient times.

lisa said...

I'm voting twice:

11 and 12

Kim said...


Anonymous said...

The "hold me" octopus is certainly the best. She's darling.

Additionally, I believe that last one should be disqualified. Although I could find no specific rules for entries, the voting requires that we vote on our favorite OCTopus. The last one is a DECopus. I counted twice, and there are definitely 10 tentacles.

For whomever made that one, an octopus only has 8 tentacles. See, the OCT part means 8. Its part of the name. So by definition, an OCTopus can only have 8 tentacles. Even if it wants more than 8, it can't without ceasing to be an oct-o-anything. Does this make sense? Hopefully it does. If not, figure it out so that you wont be disqualified from any future contests where understanding of quantity-related prefixes or suffixes are necessary.

Carmen said...

That comment really killed my buzz. Who'd a thunk I could F-up and octopus drawing contest.

diligo said...