america's hat

Sometimes I think I need to work on timely decision making. Moving away from my perfectionist tendencies and thought processes.

This however became an element of fun in my "extreme tour of san francisco." This is took normal driving to dangerous driving and a regular tour to extreme. (plus jokes) I've been here for work all week, and it has been awesome. Tonight I gave two comedic Canadians the tour. I think they peed their pants. Parts of the tour include "let the white hair guy order for you," "really fun hill" (not the one you might think of unless you were in my honda on the 2006 crush party trip),"i feel like buying records now", "this isn't were i meant to go." and "rain!!"

I need to incorporate "i feel like buying jeans now" into my tour.

I'm thinking of marketing my tour.



Lee said...

Is it the famous "f__k the hill"/"yeah, f__k, f__k, f__kety f__kerson" hill?

k tron said...

at that part of the tour i say "this is where i made one of my best jokes."

(f* the hill)

Lee said...

It killed me when you said that.

k tron said...

that was a fun trip. Let's do it again.

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely come if you add the buy jeans leg to the tour.