IF.... your knee was really painful and swollen from a bike accident from 5 days ago would you go to the doctor???

if you were homeless and hanging out with a bunch of your homeless friends and saw a girl eat shit on her bike right in front of you would you laugh or help???

if your choices for halloween were sexy tennis ball or no costume what would you pick?

if you were missing just the power cord for your record player where would you buy a replacement?

these are questions that I have been asking my self a lot lately.


Suzanne said...

1. i would call dr. john.

2. i would realize that i was an asshole for laughing and not helping, homeless loosers

3. i would look up that really specialized record shop in seattle that's right by nathaniel's house. or i would get a hold of nathaniel and ask him to go there for me.

4. i would go visit suzanne to make it all better!

Suzanne said...

OH! and halloween, i forgot. why sexy tennis ball? why not bald tennis ball? or a giant blueberry or racketball?